The¬†National Standard for Cycle Training (‘the National Standard’) is the series of Outcomes that describe effective cycling and cyclist instruction and contribute to getting more people cycling, more safely, more often.

As the National Standard was last reviewed in 2012 it is now time for it to be reviewed again, to ensure that it continues to evolve in response to changing circumstances.

All the following are within the scope of the review:

  • The ‘trainee outcomes’ – the outcomes that trainees demonstrate in training at Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National Standard;
  • The ‘ instructor outcomes’ –¬† the outcomes that instructors must demonstrate as National Standard Instructors;
  • The ‘instructor trainer outcomes’ – the outcomes that instructor trainers must demonstrate as National Standard Instructor Trainers;
  • The ‘off the shelf’ courses which are used to deliver the above outcomes;
  • The outcomes for the Bikeability Plus modules that have been introduced since the National Standard was last reviewed.

The associated Bikeability delivery guidance also forms part of this review.



The other documents below together comprise the National Standard for Cycle Training and provide guidance on its delivery.

Stage One Engagement Report

This report summarises the views that were put forward in the autumn 2017 workshops and via the online survey, and sets out the key principles for the revisions to be made to the National Standard

pdf, 967KB, 35

Bikeability Delivery Guide

As well as including the trainee outcomes, the Bikeability Delivery Guide also includes guidance for instructors for delivering Bikeability Levels 1-3

pdf, 8MB, 48 pages

Stage One Survey Questions

This is a reference document which reproduces the questions asked in the online survey so that you can read and think about the questions in advance of accessing the online survey link

pdf, 208KB, 1 page

Review timeline

Here are the important dates for the review and details of how and when you can get involved

  • AUG 2017
    Stage One Engagement opened: This has helped us to understand the changes that need to be made to the National Standard
  • OCT 2017
    Stage One Engagement closed: Findings used to prepare Draft Revised National Standard
  • Draft Revised National Standard available for further comment
  • STAGE TWO ENGAGEMENT OPENED: This will enable you to comment on the detail of the Draft Revised National Standard
  • STAGE TWO ENGAGEMENT CLOSED: Feedback will be used to further refine the changes made to the National Standard
  • JUNE 2018
    The CTSB (Cycle Training Standards Board) will meet to discuss the final draft version of the revised National Standard
  • SUMMER 2018
    Full Revised National Standard published
  • AUTUMN 2018
    Transitional period which will be used to develop and finalise associated guidance etc
  • EARLY 2019
    Revised National Standard comes into effect

Have your say

The input of those within the cycle training industry – instructors, schemes, stakeholders – is vital to this review, so please do get involved!

Other stakeholder organisations outside of the cycle training industry will also have a valuable contribution to make and their contributions are welcomed too.

STAGE TWO ENGAGEMENT: The information gathered from the Stage One engagement survey and workshops has been used to develop a draft revised National Standard for further comment. Please click here to see a copy of it, understand the changes that have been made and why, and provide your feedback.

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